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Abed Moughrabi learned the art of cooking by watching his grandmother and mother prepare their favorite dishes at home.  He later spent time learning from his father who studied international cuisine in the kitchens of many countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. 


For the Moughrabi family, food is life. The dinner table is a platform to connect with friends, family, and loved ones.  The familiar seductive aromas of fresh baking bread, the sweet caramelized nuttiness of roasting eggplant, or the mouth-watering temptation of meats searing on the grill are all anchors that tie us to our past.  At The Nile of Hyde Park, you will indulge in cuisine from recipes handed down through multiple generations.  In executing these recipes with the highest quality ingredients, and a meticulous attention to detail, we honor our own shared past and our collective future. 


Rashad, Abed’s son, is now the current manager and chef for The Nile of Hyde Park and a graduate of the School of Business through DePaul University.  His vision for The Nile of Hyde Park is to not only continue authentic cuisine as learned from his father, but to also incorporate new recipes from the vast collection his family has accumulated over the years. Rashad believes a great meal can leave a lasting impression.  His fondest memories revolve around food and family gatherings.  His aim is to recreate these memories through his food. 

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